About Us

Orpington International has been one of the influential  manufacturer, importers and suppliers of garments accessories, products for Bangladesh market. Orpington International was incorporated in 2011 with its core expert team who have been in the industry for two decades with a wide range of experience, quality product and customer service. Orpington has credible position in Bangladesh in a highly competitive market. Orpington started with only hangtag & care label manufacturing.  It eventually became successful by providing wide range of garments accessories products, at the right price and right time by combining a deep understanding of the customer, buyers the latest compatible technologies with best class accessories development for supporting the country's leading  export industry “Ready Made Garments”.


Orpington has branched out  Handmade Leather products  in 2017. Now we are promoting wide variety of leather products in the local & international market . Within a short span of time Orpington has been able to firmly put its footprint into the leather products.

Orpington works with several key development companies and on extensive array of factories in abroad that specialize in virtually every category of garments accessories& leather products. We are motivated by our long term commitment to sustainable products and look forward towards immense customer satisfaction.


Environ Friendly & Green

Our conventional business turns into green day after day. As we’ve started with some computer accessories but green products compel us to think the business again. Orpington believes "Green" is not a fashion or trend, but a healthier means of living. By making educated purchasing decisions, our choices do make a difference.

Orpington is on a dream to make the green world, one person (and one business) at a time. Our company giving their full effort to find environmentally friendly products all in one place. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to go green by providing the best solutions for every day green products. We know everyone can't do everything, ourselves included, so our unofficial team motto is "Green first what matters most"


We serve consumers looking to go green, reduce their environmental footprint and minimize the toxicity in their life. We’ve wide variety of products i.e variety of garments accessories, handmade leather goods and agri business.